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Fix for a Mini Fridge

I have a miniature refrigerator in my garage that I use to cool drinks. A couple of weeks ago, I went in the refrigerator for a drink, and when I poured one out, it was at room temperature. Everything in the refrigerator was the same, and it was still plugged in. I had no idea how to fix a refrigerator, so I called a company that does appliance repair in Sacramento. The repair for a miniature refrigerator couldn’t be too different from a full size repair.

Since I had already poured my drink, I wasn’t going to let it go to waste. I got some ice cubes from the freezer in my kitchen and placed them in the drink. I don’t really like to do this, because the ice melts and waters down the drink. I’d rather place the entire cup in the freezer and let the drink get cold that way, but I didn’t have the patience for that at the moment. I learned a trick that involves putting ice on salt to make things cold faster, but that seemed like a waste of perfectly good salt, so I decided not to use that. I should really invest in stone marble ice cubes that don’t melt when they’re placed in a drink.

A repair worker inspected the miniature refrigerator and noticed that a capacitor had gone bad. The compressor and capacitors are usually the first things on a refrigerator to break. I’m just glad that it wasn’t the compressor, otherwise I probably would have needed to buy a new refrigerator. A compressor can be replaced, but usually the cost of it isn’t worth it when you can just buy a new machine and save yourself the trouble. Once the capacitor was installed, the refrigerator was back to chilling drinks again.

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